Fit4Defense is an interactive violence prevention and anti-bullying program that teaches assertiveness, self defense and fitness as a means to inspire confidence and awareness.


Fit4Defense is extremely grateful to our sponsors for the time and money our sponsors have put forth in order to keep the program not only up and running, but successful. We truly could not do this without you.

ViaSport British Columbia is a not-for-profit organization established in 2011 responsible for providing strategic leadership to sport in BC, and increasing levels of physical activity in every community at every stage of life. A legacy organization of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, viaSport is leading a new, unifed approach to sport delivery across the province. For more info:

Karate Canada is a corporation constituted under Part II of the Canada Corporations Act, with the objective of describing and incorporating all activities related to the promotion, organization, regulation and popularization of the sport of karate all over Canada, of protecting the physical and emotional health of athletes and promotes the interests of karate throughout Canada. For more info:



Karate BC is the recognized governing body for karate-do (karate) British Columbia.  We promote the traditions and integrity of karate-do and to provide opportunities to excel in a competitive environment. Through its programs and leadership, Karate BC, in cooperation with its affiliates, supports the development of karate and the aspirations of its members by offering opportunities and setting procedures, standards and policies. For more info:


Central Okanagan Crime Stoppers is a non- profit community based crime solving program working in conjunction with the police, the media and the public to help make your community a safer place in which to live.  They are supported by the Regional District and its member municipalities and reward payouts are raised through their yearly fundraising events. For more info:

Karate has been practiced in Canada since at least mid-century. The early practitioners of karate eventually established an organization to continue the legitimate development of karate teaching. This organization became the National Karate Association of Canada . A number of instructors in Alberta also formed a governing association to help the development of traditional karate in this province. This was the start of the Karate Alberta Association. For more info

Fit4Defense is an interactive interactive violence prevention and anti-bullying program that teaches assertiveness, self defense and fitness a means to inspire confidence and awareness.